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EFIMERO is an experimental platform that explores design as the catalyst of social conditions in an uncertain context. The project is organized by international architects based in Boston, and collaborates with nonprofits and private organizations located in Ecuador. The project follows three fundamental pillars: lectures, discussion, and spatial experimentation. Through these pillars the intent is to identity, analyze, and expose different types of work that have a strong social component.

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OCT 2019




ACCIONES COLECTIVAS was the first international event organized by EFIMERO. The project consisted of a series of presentations, workshops and meetings with local organizations. 
It explored the work of international and national architects in Ecuador, who implement design as a tool for community engagement. The speakers and collaborators are from different cultures, but their work focuses on similar challenges. They look to address social issues including public health, education, sustainability, community mediation, and socio-economic development. Through this event participants analyzed and discussed different approaches to architecture, where creativity is challenged by limited resources in disadvantaged communities.

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